The Shepherd's Community Garden

Photo Credit: Joel Stevenson

It began with the seed of an idea in 2017 in answer to a request from Lutheran Community Services for help in procuring more vegetables for their food pantries.  The Shepherd’s Garden was born.  We have 7 large beds tended by the church members with all produce donated to LCS food pantries.  When it became apparent that we could do more with our lovely growing area, we expanded into a community garden as well.  We now have 34 additional beds rented out to community members with the request that they donate 10% of their harvest back to the food pantry.  We supplied over 3400 lbs of produce to food pantries in 2021.  The garden has offered a place of hope and joy in a world of uncertainty.  We are blessed by the community that has emerged and their desire to combat hunger in a tangible way.

Becca Gulino and Linda Ulmanis, the garden coordinators, have taken on the mission to spread the word of gardening through our area.  As UD Master Gardener Interns, Becca and Linda are available to help with many different gardening questions.  Many resources exist to help the community with all types of garden issues.  Feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in gardening with a purpose and would like to meet with our garden coordinators, email them at

If you are interested in helping tend the garden, harvest or deliver vegetables to the St. Stephen’s Food Pantry sign up here:


The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd at 1530 Foulk Road, Wilmington, DE has a vegetable cart in which we are collecting fresh produce for delivery to the St. Stephens Food Pantry in Wilmington. Place your excess produce in the cart and we will deliver to the pantry on Thursday. Clients of the pantry are always excited and appreciative to have fresh produce. Thank you for your support!

Produce is collected in through October. Drop off Wednesday for delivery to the pantry.