Community Outreach


Chatham and Good Shepherd co-hosting a summer evening of outdoor games, food and fellowship. What a joyful way to build community with our neighbors.

Outdoor Movie Nights

Families gather to watch movies snacking on popcorn and water ice!

Easter Egg Hunts

Refreshments, games and egg hunt hosted by Good Shepherd and the Chatham community.

Halloween Treats

Good Shepherd serves as a Halloween stop for children in the community.

Election Day Outreach

Good Shepherd serves as a designated polling place for county, state and federal elections. We welcome voters by providing coffee and snacks.

Blood Drives

In partnership with the Blood Bank of Delmarva, we open our facility for their use for collecting.

Pacem in Terris

This is a local interfaith group working toward peace and justice for our community. Our Vacation Bible School created pictures submitted as part of 2019 Peace Art Project. Good Shepherd also hosted an Open House for a travelling collection of the Visionary Peace Art Exhibition December 2019.

Able Arts

Good Shepherd opens its facility for use by Able Arts, a non-profit Theater company composed of people with and without disabilities.