About Good Shepherd

Who we are...

Good Shepherd is a vibrant community of faith in North Wilmington, Delaware.  We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) committed to worship, serve, grow and care for one another and the community around us.  We are an inclusive community where all are welcome.

Why we do it...

Jesus calls each of us to do something in our lives to share God’s love.  We want to do God’s work with our hands.  We believe all people are beloved children of God, worthy of care and compassion.  We know we are all in need of that love, and so we together strive to share, through our actions as well as our words, how much God loves the whole world.

What we do...

Walking together in Christ, we grow in faith and love to share Christ with the world.  This is our mission statement, and it guides our life as a community of faith.  We are all growing, through worship, education, service and social events.  We find strength in one another, and try to listen to the call to share God’s love with the world.

Walking together in Christ…. We care for one another.  This is a place where each person matters, and each has gifts to share.  We come together in worship to celebrate the ways God provides gifts to all.  Through prayer and supportive relationships we care for one another.

We grow in faith and love…. Through worship, education for all ages, youth ministries centered on service to the world, and small groups that connect people in powerful ways.  Good Shepherd has a special ministry for those new to a life of faith, called Growing in Faith Together, or GIFT.  Through this process of mentoring and conversation we all forge deeper relationships with God.

To share Christ with the world…We welcome homeless families into our church home through the Family Promise Network, providing meals and housing four weeks out of each year.  We partner with Lutheran Community Services to provide food and shelter in Wilmington.  We support the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center offering afterschool care and activities for youth in Wilmington.  We support missionaries around the world and partner with the ELCA to fight hunger and malaria.