Living Generously

We give because we can! It’s as simple as that. And, by our giving, we make things possible. Giving is a forward-looking act, using today’s resources to bring into being our hopes, dreams, ideas, and plans for tomorrow. Without sufficient resources, hopes and plans remain so many words on paper. But with funding, our dreams and ideas for Good Shepherd’s future can come to life. A favorite verse from Isaiah reminds us that God is the one calling to us from the future, raising us to this new life. Intentional, generous giving is one way to respond faithfully and joyfully to God’s call. What can you imagine for Good Shepherd’s future? How is God calling you to respond to that vision? Give because you can!

Isaish 43:19

Acts 2:44

We are grateful for the generous giving that makes so much possible for our congregation. We are stronger together when we make a shared commitment to do ministry as a congregation. Together we can accomplish so much! Over and over we hear stories of abundance that lead to transformation. Good Shepherd’s leaders invite everyone into a conversation about our ministries and all that the future holds. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing a proposed spending plan for 2020, a bold vision for what could be, along with what it will cost. We are excited to talk openly about the shared commitments we hold and just how much is possible with everyone’s support.

How do you decide how much to give? Many of the expenses in our household budgets are things we have little control over. The utility bills have to be paid, so does the mortgage. But, giving is different because it is something we GET to do. Choosing to give generously can be empowering and joy-filled, as anyone knows who has spent time carefully choosing a perfect gift for someone. How do you decide how much of your income to give away? Of that, how much do you choose to give to Good Shepherd? What other good works in the world do you make possible through your gifts to other organizations? Giving generously, with intention, can be as joyful for the giver as it is for the one who receives the gift!

2 Corinthians 9:7

Ways to Give

Generous living inspires more generosity. When we give with courage and intent, things become possible that we may not have imagined. There are many ways you can share your abundance with Good Shepherd:

By Mail


You may simply send your check to:

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

1530 Foulk Road

Wilmington, DE 19803


Good Shepherd has a mission endowment fund in place for those who want to give toward the future ministries of the church. A mission endowment will grow your gift over time. Learn how you can impact the future today:


You can give through our electronic giving portal.  The portal can be accessed through the front page of our website, or here.  You may also scan the QR code.

This way of giving will require using a credit card or bank transfer. If you’ve made other online donations, giving to Good Shepherd will be easy to figure out. If you need help, ask one of the pastors or any council member.


If you’re not a credit card user, and you’re wondering how to stay current with your pledge even when you are away from church, most banks offer free online bill->pay services. Simply set up Good Shepherd as a payee, and you can stay current without writing a paper check.


Gifting appreciated stock to the congregation is another great way to share resources, while also taking advantage of tax savings. You can fulfill your regular pledge or make a special gift via shares of stocks. There are many ways to give, but one spirit of gratitude and generosity. By our giving we give life to new Possibilities.

Where Your Giving Goes

Living Generously as Stewards

We are called into mission and ministry in this community. Walking together in Christ, we grow in faith and love to share Christ with the world. As intentional church community we celebrate God’s grace by abundantly sharing our blessings and gifts locally, regionally and globally.

Spending and Core Values How we spend our money is a statement of what we value. Through the LEAD process we have discerned these three core values of who we are as a congregation. This allocation of funds reflects our commitment as a community that grows, serves and connects.

Serving Joyfully

Joyful service looks like the kitchen team roaring in laughter as they prepare lasagna for EDR. It is the fun of discovering watermelons growing in The Shepherd’s Garden, or the beautiful conversation that happens as Lutheran World Relief quilts are tied. Serving joyfully is at the center of so much of our work together, from welcoming Family Promise guests to the Property Team building steps for our park and ride neighbors. We support ministry partners like LCS, Hilltop Neighborhood Center, and Lutheran Campus Ministry, When service is joyful, it is done with grateful hearts, and the energy is contagious.

Connecting Gratefully

Stand back and watch on Sunday mornings as people gather for worship and you will see how relationships form. The warm greetings and kind words are real, as those who are facing times of both joy and struggle find connection. We give rides to each other and carry Holy Communion to those who cannot be here. We reach out with prayer and meals and cards for those going through hard times. We care for our neighbors who donate blood. We support our youth as they serve and grow in relationships. We connect with community partners doing important ministry where they are. Connecting gratefully celebrates the importance of relationships in this congregation. We care for each other and the world.

Growing Faithfully

We grow in faith when we come together to learn, worship, challenge and affirm one another. We are never finished growing and learning. We worship in various ways, breaking bread at Dinner Church, lighting candles during evening prayer, and through familiar song and liturgy on Sunday mornings. We learn with and from each other, encountering scripture in new ways like FAITH 5, and talking about hard topics like racism and justice issues. We find many ways to praise God through music and song, celebrating our rich history and learning new ways to speak, sing and pray. We grow together through music, study, prayer, shared experiences and more.